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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 27 January 7th

            I woke up this morning after about 5 ½ hours of sleep and I was groggy and confused and angry with myself for not going to bed sooner, but not that angry because it was totally worth it.  Got up, got ready (quickly) and drove to work.  I didn’t make any tea last night so I’ll probably be getting a headache sometime before lunch (that was dumb I need some caffeine, man). I went home and 10:00 because staring and paperwork isn’t productive and people keep asking me questions (I don’t like people).  This diet is not working fast enough (don’t worry I’m not going to quit), I’m thinking about starting to count calories just to see what I’m doing (It can’t be over 2000, maybe some days, but mostly there’s no way), she told me to keep it at around 2500 (seems high) and killing the candida would take a few months and then it would just “fall off” (yeah right).
            We watched a couple movies (battle Los Angeles [skip it] and The Debt [very awesome, go rent it now]) and some episodes of TV shows on the dvr or iTunes or Netflix (you know one of the many things that distract you from your life).  Then I went to bed after getting ready for work at about 10:45, still kind of hungry but that’s how you know its working, right?

Eric Anderson

P.S. Here’s what I ate on Day 27:
Breakfast: Ditto
Lunch: quesadillas w/ cheddar cheese (because my wife forgot that I’m not allowed to have it and I didn’t want to make her make it again) and tortillas, a think thin bar (that I’m not allowed to have but I still had a couple left from before I realized that I can’t and those things are too expensive to just throw away), “Mary’s Gone Cracker’s” w/ Kefir cheese spread and sea salt
Dinner: steak w/ steamed broccoli and asparagus (yuck)

P.P.S. think of something clever and send it to me because my brain is fried so I’ve got nothin’


  1. I don't like the feeling of being hungry although it is a very good thing. So what is it about people you don't like? Is it the questions (oops...I may quickly fall into that category!) I understand about not getting results quick enough. I am like that too. Its hard in the very beginning when you're not seeing much happening outwardly. You know it is or you wouldn't have lost 11lbs already! Hang in there. There will come a time when it is very evident that you are losing weight and that I believe will encourage you.

  2. Valerie, When I respond to your comments do you see them? just wondering because I don't want to keep responding here if you don't see it.
    my issue with people is hard to explain. It's not the questions, I actually love questions, if they are intelligent, because it helps start of move along a conversation which is quite fun for me. I don't hate people, they just don't seem to get me for the most part and it's irritating.

  3. I'm seeing your comments now! Sorry I didn't check back sooner! Glad to hear that you don't hate people. Just give it some time. God is doing a work in you!