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Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 40 January 20th

            I feel pretty great this morning…sort of…too good to be at work anyway.  My pants feel looser and someone told me that my face looks thinner and has more color (not sure how to take that), but I continue to not lose any weight.  I really don’t want to go walking tonight…maybe she’ll forget…probably not…I’ll let you know.
            As the day progressed I felt more and more awful (the awful feeling that I keep talking about but never describing is hard to explain.  It’s like my entire body feels drained and sore on the inside for no reason.  I just feel gross but not sickly…is that a good enough explanation?).  By the time I got off work I felt like I could just collapse.
            She didn’t forget…Yay! (<sarcasm)…we went to the track and walked for 30 minutes.  I walked 5 laps which is allegedly 1.3 miles.  I didn’t really feel like exercise because we were talking and the kids were there so we stopped a lot but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow (I already know because this is being written 3 days later)

Eric Anderson

P.S. Here’s what I ate on day 40:
Breakfast: same
Lunch: same
Dinner: pizza burger and broccoli (I think)

P.P.S. still feel awful

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