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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 87 March 7th

If you take my ball away I will eat
your pillow...

            So tonight I gave Gideon (the 7 ½ month old) a blue racquetball because he’s a boy and boys like balls (and things that are blue, I suppose).  He immediately tried to wrap his entire mouth around it because that’s what babies do, right?  Then I started to think “I hope he’s not allergic to latex” then “wait, is there latex in a racquetball?”  I took the ball away from him and he seemed upset so I gave it back (he loved it so much…I hope he doesn’t get brain damage).
...or my hand...
...or your hand...
...or your hand again.
Today was a good day overall.  My headache went away after a couple of hours and I had plenty of energy for the rest of the day.  I went to the track at about 6:15PM (where it was even windier than the day before, but way less people so that’s a plus).  I walked 6 laps and went home because it was late and 6 laps are fine for me right now.  When the walk started I was having chest pains that unnerved me a little bit but I just wrote them off as probable indigestion and not an impending heart attack (fingers crossed).  I’m sure if I fell out my walking partner would call 911 (oh I don’t have one of those…never mind, maybe I’ll get a life alert bracelet).

I ordered the shakeology on Monday March 5th and it shipped on Tuesday March 6th but the tracker says it won’t be here until Monday March 12th so that kind of messes up my plans because I had decided I was going to start the cleanse thing on a weekend (if you’re only supposed to drink one shake a day and they send them in thirty day supplies, but you have to drink 9 of them the first three days won’t that put you 6 days behind at the end of the first month?)
            I wasn’t all that hungry today but I did eat the absolute last box of crackers that I will ever have tonight (because they are all gone and I won’t be buying anymore…my wife might, but I will not consider them as foodstuffs).  Also, we ate fish for dinner and that is disgusting (I only do it for nutri-zilla)

Eric Anderson

P.S. If anyone out there knows the chemical makeup of a racquetball I’ll be waiting for you to tell me why I’m a horrible father (hopefully the adorable pictures of the cutest baby in the world [shup up, you know he is, don't fight it] will help my case some)

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  1. You do crack me up! I think the ball is ok. Babies are resilient! Way to go on 6 laps! keep it up!