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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 21 January 1st

            Got a jump start on the New Year’s resolution this year, hopefully I can make it stick this time.  I’m still sick this morning, kind of wheezy and congested and sore and gross all inside my head space.  I’m skipping church because I’m a lazy bum, but I’m blaming it on the sickness (sorry everybody).  Since I already started the diet last year I guess I could come up with a new new year’s resolution, although I think new year’s resolution are ridiculous and arbitrary (it’s like when I decided to start my diet every Monday for 6 years (why Monday?).  Anyway, I guess I should work on appreciating, and possibly loving, my job and being nicer to my coworkers and employees (that’s going to be really tough, I should try to pray about it (oh yeah, I skipped church, whoops).
            Today was an okay day except for the sickness that was ravaging my body and some people harassing me about things I may or may not have said about them on the interwebs (I admit nothing).  I was going to post pictures of food on this but that’s probably not going to happen today (more of a weekend activity, and I’m writing this on Tuesday)  I stayed up late tonight watching “The Help” (pretty awesome movie, except it made me sad because white people are awful, especially the women if this movie is any indication [just kidding, ladies, guys suck just as bad, if not worse {you probably didn’t lynch anybody, you just used your words for evil}])(that was a lot of parenthesis/brackets/squiggly things).  I should have gone to sleep earlier because of this swine/bird flu that’s killing me from the inside out.

Eric Anderson

Here’s what I ate on Day 21:
Breakfast: what do you think?
Lunch: same as yesterday
Dinner: baked chicken w/ feta cheese and steamed broccoli

P.P.S. Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year, and as soon as the New Year loses its shiny sheen it will still continue to be happy.

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  1. another're not a lazy bum and who says you have to go to church to pray? Just pray...praying is nothing more than "talking to God". I do it all the time. It will come more natural to you the more you get to know Him. I know I'm late commenting on this post Hope the "wheezy and congested and sore and gross all inside my head space" is better. It was so crazy for me the month of Dec. Had Kennedy alot and then there was shopping and well....just stuff! Hope to keep up with you better from now on!