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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 9 December 20th

            Woke up this morning, after 7 solid hours of sleep, groggy but headache free.  I don’t feel any crazier than I did yesterday or the day before, but I’m on the lookout for the madness to be creeping in.  I’m cautiously excited about the headache not being there, we’ll see how the rest of today goes.  I wasn’t hungry at all this morning, but I forced myself to eat breakfast because I thinks it’s probably important to spread out the meals and not wait until I feel like I’m going to pass out if I don’t eat anything.  I drank my yerba mate’ infused mint green tea (black tea was making me super jittery so I switched) and as always it makes my insides feel good (warm and pleasant all over).
            Today has gone pretty, I seem to have a little more energy than usual and I’m not too terribly hungry even though today they fed everyone at work barbecue sandwiches and I got to eat my bird seed sandwich and watch.  The headache has come back a little here and there but it’s mostly okay and I’m not regretting the stop in medication right now.
            Last January 3rd I started at weight watchers and lost about 25 pounds by the end of April, which put me at 320 lbs.  Last night I weighed myself at 355 lbs.  So, unless the next two weeks go fantastically better than I expect, I’m going to start next year off worse than I started this year.  It’s pretty depressing but I know it’s all my fault and I hope that it will help motivate me to keep this thing up.  I know I need to start exercising now, but that’s the hardest thing for me to do (I could say that I work too much and I’m just too tired but mostly I’m just lazy).
Went to bed a little late tonight because I was playing with the computer that doesn’t get along well with iTunes (I need a mac).  I was kind of hungry, but it wasn’t unbearable.  I can also sleep alright without the help of medication so that’s cool.

Eric Anderson

P.S. Here’s what I ate on Day 9:
Breakfast: Same as everyday
Lunch: Same as yesterday
Dinner: Same as yesterday

P.P.S. I got nothin’

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  1. you need a walking buddy! Its always easier to have someone to exercise with and it helps you stay accountable.