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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 10 December 21st Part 1: the dream

            Okay, I got about 7 hours of sleep last night and woke up without the headache again and again kind of hungry but not too much.  I had a crazy dream right before the alarm went off.  It’s odd because I don’t dream very often as far as I can remember anyway.  Anyways, it was like I was watching a movie, but I was in the movie.  I can’t remember all the specifics leading up to this event, but basically my wife and I weren’t together anymore (and there didn’t seem to be any kids involved), and we were both dating other people, but I wasn’t over her (apparently it was her decision).  We might not have even been married yet in this version of my brain movie.  It’s close to the end of the movie and I’m getting ready for a date.  I go to the grocery store/ pharmacy thing that she’s working at and her boyfriend’s there but he’s kind of just chilling in the background.  I say I’m there to get supplies for the date (whatever that means).  I tell her that this is her last chance to decide she’s made a mistake and if she doesn’t come to her senses before I leave it’s over (like I had a choice, right?)  I walk out to the car and it flashes back to inside the store where her boyfriend tells her that it seems like I really love her (don’t know why he did that, maybe he didn’t care).  I’m backing out of the parking spot as she’s comes running out of the store to the passenger side of the car another car slams into her and then into my car (messed up? yes).  Then it flashes to me working in a nursing home, taking care of her mother, and her in a wheelchair.  I have a feeling that I can never leave her now because she’s crippled, which is weird because it’s what I thought I wanted.  Then the credits roll.
            My dreams are never this entertaining, but that wasn’t the end.  I went to the alternate ending section of the DVD special features and it started with us in the parking lot.  This time I wasn’t in the car I was standing outside with her, her boyfriend, and for some reason there was a cop and some other people (I thought this would be the happy ending that was missing from the real movie).  She came running out of the store to me and then her boyfriend shot her and then he shot me and the cop and some other people.  So I’m standing there with a hole in my chest all the way through my back and blood squirting out of me (I know it’s unrealistic).  We’re all standing around bleeding trying to decide which car to take to the hospital (I guess ambulances don’t exist in my imagination).  When we finally go with the police car we all get in, I remember him hitting bumps and it really hurting my gaping chest wound, we are suddenly in the emergency room waiting room (I can’t believe they made gunshot wound victims wait).  I remember seeing a friend from work there and showing him my wound and him not being all that impressed and then the alarm woke me up.  I guess I’ll never know how that alternate ending goes.
            I don’t know if this is a side effect of coming off of my meds or if this is just a random dream that I happen to remember because I woke up in the middle of it.  I guess I’ll see tonight.

Eric Anderson

P.S. this had nothing to do with the diet, I guess that’ll come tomorrow

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  1. it is a strange dream but don't discount it too quickly. As weird as it is God can and does use your dreams to speak to us. The enemy can also mess with our dreams. You might ask God if there is anything to this dream.