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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 51 January 31st

            Today is a day, Tuesday to be exact, Tuesday, January 31st to be more exact, in my opinion it is the last day of the New Year.  Tomorrow is officially the start of the regular old year that we’ll be stuck with for the next 11 months, unless, of course the world does end sometime in mid-December (it won’t…probably).  What is my point you might ask yourself.  Well, I don’t have one, I just like for you to read my precious words (they are precious, because they are mine, my mommy told me so [even she doesn’t read this blog so that’s sending some mixed signals]). Okay let’s get to the diet talk.
            Today I woke up quite confused about why my alarm was going off (my brain strongly disagreed with what it was saying to me).  I had a small amount of energy today but mostly felt awful.  I wasn’t as sore from the walk the night before as I thought I would be, but what should I have expected from such a slow pace (it hurt me really bad though).  I felt progressively more awful after lunch all the way until bed time.  I actually felt so bad and out of it that I went to my mom’s house to check my blood sugar, which came out to 89 and she said that was good so I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
            I don’t think this diet is what’s killing me but it could be one of the causes.  My suspects right now are stress, depression, diet, and possibly something is bad wrong with me.

Eric Anderson

P.S. Here’s what I ate on Day 51:
Breakfast and lunch: same
Dinner: chicken and broccoli
Also, a choc. Fiber bar thingy

P.P.S. I’ve whittled it down to about 10,700 pictures and I’m still working on it but I think I’m going to crash my Flickr account.

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