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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 73 February 22nd

            Well I woke up about 47 times last night and most of those times were between an hour before my alarm was set and the time when my alarm was set for.  I had a tremendous amount of focus (enough to write two different blog posts) but not a lot of energy (they were quite short blog posts).  I worked my newly scheduled 10 hour days (down from 12, which is good and bad but ultimately doesn’t matter because I’m going to be working for free when I get those inane phone calls from unmentioned persons I’m obligated to talk to…again for free).  I didn’t read anything except for a super interesting (and short) article about ancient sleep patterns (Here: ).  I didn’t write any more fiction, I didn’t go to the track but I did post on this blog so 1 out of 4 is not so…great, but whatever.
            I wonder what is troubling my sleep pattern and I really wonder how people used to wake up after four hours every night without alarm clocks (read the article).  Today was not that bad as far as hunger goes, and as I mentioned earlier I wasn’t as drained as I was yesterday (something else I should look into). 
I’ve noticed recently (this year) about myself that having a mentally stimulating conversation with another person, no matter how short that conversation is it seems to give me more energy and make me at least feel like I could be more productive if I actually used this renewed focus and energy.  At first I thought that it was just because I was talking to my brother (although all of this talking took place through text message, it still counts) and I just missed him (I do miss him and every time we talk I’m inspired to change my life for the better), but then I had a conversation with a different person and it made me want to write more than I usually want to.  These conversations have to be about something that I’m interested in or it won’t work (I don’t think anyway).  Over the years of working mostly with people who don’t speak the same language as me (the ones that do only want to talk about things that don’t interest me at all) I’ve forgotten how important conversation is to me.  So now I have to find a person who I can correspond with (no time for face to face or telephones) who is not annoyed by me and wants to talk about the same things.  Maybe there’s an app for that.

Eric Anderson

P.S. Here’s what I ate on Day 73:
Breakfast and Lunch and snack: the same
Dinner: spaghetti squash spaghetti (sounds weird but it is what it is)

P.P.S. I was always funnier when I had friends and/or English speaking coworkers that were raised in the same decade as me (at least they seemed to think so)

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