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Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 75-77 February 24th–26th

            Okay, so I’m a bad blogger and I’m a bad goal keeper (a person who keeps their self-imposed or even externally imposed goals not a sports reference [if it could be construed as such]).  Of the four goals I kind of kept the one about blogging at least every other day, except I didn’t blog every other day I just did 3 in a row and stopped (can I get half of a point for that much?).  I didn’t read any chapters (or pages for that matter) of the book I had planned to read.  I didn’t go to the track twice (or once).  I did write two crappy fiction paragraphs, but then I got a headache and stopped.  I thought for sure this would work for me.  I guess I could double the goals this week, but then I wouldn’t do them again and then next week I’d double them again and I’d get overwhelmed and crawl into a hole and cry (what? You don’t have a crying hole? Freak).
            The last few days of this diet have been pretty ordinary and not too difficult (which is why I’m absolutely sure I’m doing it wrong).  I haven’t lost any weight at all (I did weigh myself), but I am still losing inches (more like centimeters [millimeters]) so that’s something (no it isn’t…I need to see that number drop).  Before you remind me that if I were to go the freaking track I would possibly succeed in a more timely manner let me remind you that I know that, but I am dumb.  I should give myself rewards for going to the track.  No more crackers (carbs) until I walk for at least 30 minutes.  I wonder if I’ll be able to stick to that (no I don’t, I know).  Well that wraps of the physical part of this blog.
            Now for the mental (over) analyzation.  I need to read something or play more mind stimulating games or get a pen pal (is that even a thing?).  I don’t want to cut out TV completely or video games or podcasts, but maybe limiting it to a certain amount of time per day would be okay.  I would read during lunch but there is usually like 50 interruptions on my lunch break (everyone I work with is rude and inconsiderate…including me, I’m sure)

Eric Anderson

P.S. I’ve decided to quit telling you what I ate all of the time because it doesn’t ever change.  If there is a major change in the way the diet works I’ll let you know.

P.P.S. Someone just walked into my office eating pretzels and talking to me with their pretzel breathe fumes spraying all over my face (Someone who knows damn well that I haven’t had bread in 77 days) and just popping pretzels in their mouth and crunching and talking and breathing and repeating that whole process over and over and over.  Would it be a sin to punch this person in the face? Even it was a woman? Even if she was like 80 years old?

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