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Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 81 March 1st

            I woke up this morning (again, obviously) and I felt super super awful.  I was tired, sore, a little sick and completely drained of all energy.  I don’t know if this is because of the exercise or just life in general wearing my down.  Recently my hours at work were cut because either I don’t do anything anyway or probably because overtime is expensive (a little bit of column A, a little bit of column B…hahahaha, that was my old friend Jeromy Harrison’s joke and I just stole it…except he did it in a funny voice that doesn’t translate to the blog screen, but it was hilarious take my word for it…oh well).  It was kind of nice having a couple of extra hours every day to chill, but now the track is eating up that time (maybe I need a treadmill…you know, to store things on).  Everyone keeps saying that exercise is a stress reliever and I have noticed that I am way less stressed after I’m finished, but that doesn’t seem to last forever.  I really thought that it would magically make me a happier person, but maybe that will come later (if I can manage to keep it up this time…if).
            I feel tons better now, only a few hours after waking up (still super sore but much more focused on things that are going on around me).  It’s weird and unexplained.  I feel like I have to constantly work on making myself be happy or I will get depressed all over again (is that normal? Do regular people have to walk around thinking positive thoughts? That sounds exhausting)
            Okay, so I crashed pretty hard after lunch sometime and just felt kind of blech all over and was in no mood to go the track tonight, but I went anyway out of fear of disappointing my future self, the nutritionist and my reader.  I walked 6 laps tonight (4 as hard and as fast as I could go [about 19 ½ minutes according to the Nike graph] and two at a much easier to maintain pace [it took like 15 extra minutes for those two]).  I know it’s only been 4 days but is there a point in the future when this won’t hurt so bad and maybe even make me feel better?
            I was super hungry all day today (maybe from the “440+” calories Nike says I burned…or I’m just a fat guy who loves the foods).  I’ve decided to give up crackers all together for a while because they are my one crutch (even though they are completely diet compliant technically…just too many carbs).  I’ll try to replace them with celery; I’ll just be eating a ton of celery, maybe with peanut butter or something like that…who knows?

Eric Anderson

P.S. Davy Jones died on leap day and that very night there was a Monkees reference on a new episode of Modern Family…coincidence? Or Murder? Dum dum dummmmmmmm

P.P.S. RIP Davy Jones

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  1. way to go Eric! I love your determination! Now if we could just change your perspective of yourself!