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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 86 March 6th

            Alright, today sucked all the way through, I woke up tired, was groggy all day, super hungry, found out that I probably have a tumor (Dr. Google says so), and realized that I’m not aerodynamic enough to walk around the track with gale force winds.
            Okay, yes I did go to the track and I only walked 5 laps-for several different reasons.  First, it was crazy windy and I am like a human parachute. Second, I had to pee super bad (which kind of helped me to walk faster). Third, my wife needed to get back home because there was a chicken cooking in the oven.  The fourth and final reason was that I’m super lazy and will look for any excuse not to keep walking around in circles like a crazy person.  Also, those ladies were back again taking up the whole track…again.  Fortunately for them they didn’t get in my way this time or we might have had words (the words would probably have been “please move”)
            For the last few days I have been getting headaches after I go walking (not my usual weird one side of the head headache, but a whole entire head headache).  I Googled “headache after exercise” and came up with a Mayo Clinic link that called it an “exercise headache”.  Exercise headaches can be anything from “normal” to “tumor”.  Believe it or not, I have actually exercised before in my life and even earlier this year (a little bit last year as well), but no headaches have ever come out of it.  Also, this morning (Wednesday March 7th) I woke up with my normal weird right side of the head headache which has been mostly gone for over a month, and very intermittent over the 6 months or so prior.  The internets also say that tumor headaches are the worst in the morning (just saying).  Okay, I know that I had an MRI a year ago and they didn’t find anything (also this headache started almost exactly a year ago), but no one who is healthy should feel like I do.

Eric Anderson

P.S. I miss carbs

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  1. at least you went 5 laps! Good job! It was CRAZY windy! I was afraid I would get blown off my horse but I realized I'm too "bottom" heavy for that to happen! If the doctors aren't finding anything wrong with you my suggestion would be to begin to ask God to take away the headaches and heal you! "you do not have because you do not ask God" James 4:2b. If you are asking....then keep asking until He gives you an answer. There's my 2 scents worth.